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 +====== Jshop Server ======
 +===== Company =====
 +                              ​
 +===== Company Information =====
 +Our JShop Server e-commerce package is for web designers and businesses looking for feature rich tools to create successful commercial websites at an affordable price. It is easy to set up and provides a 360° service so building, owning and running an online store is simple, quick and intuitive.You will find that our twelve years of experience developing internet retail systems helps to give your sites the competitive edge needed in today'​s challenging market.Customers find our strong administrative nuts and bolts help them create beautiful shop fronts that run with smooth efficiency. You can choose to get going with our ready-to-use templates and built in comprehensive CSS editor and template editing to quickly create a store or, if you need to recreate your own or your client'​s brand online, you will find JShop Server is a truly flexible piece of software.Whether you want to sell an unlimited number of products or a select few, JShop Server is easily adaptable and scalable to you needs and you do not pay any extra on top of the license price to ensure that your software stays up to date, as all future updates are free.
 +===== Mailing Address =====
 +57 New Mills Road
 +Hayfield, High Peak, 
 +Derbyshire, SK22 2EX 
 +                      ​
 +===== Phone Number =====
 +866 782 4684 
 +===== Website URL =====
 +                        ​
 +===== Email Address =====
 +[[ sales@jshop.co.uk ]] 
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