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Squirrel Cart


Squirrel Cart

Company Information

Squirrelcart started from a need for an easily customizable shopping cart for a client of ours. We tried many shopping cart systems, but could not find one that had the features we needed and the ability to FULLY customize the look, feel, and functionality. It was then that we decided that in order to get the number of quality features we were looking for, we would be better off designing our own cart.

e-Commerce Toolkit


e-Commerce Toolkit Information

Squirrelcart is a PHP / MySQL e-commerce system. It is a fully customizable, robust shopping cart, designed with the advanced developer and web novice in mind.If you are a web novice, you will appreciate its ease of use, and the fact that Squirrelcart will generate the HTML for all of your store's pages based on the built in templates provided. If you have a strong knowledge of HTML, you will appreciate the ability to make Squirrelcart look and work the way YOU want it to. We've provided the ability to move around all of its components, completely change the look, and make it fit your specific needs.

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278 Parkside Drive Warwick, RI 02888

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