Uniwin Pty. Ltd.


Uniwin Pty. Ltd.

Company Information

Uniwin is a leading edge software company specialising in providing software applications for all flavours of Microsoft Windows® and Macintosh®. Uniwin software is based in Melbourne, Australia, but sells software and software development skills worldwide. Privately owned and run since 1996, we develop and release retail packaged software, as well as develop specialised custom applications for clients. Uniwin has provided services to a wide range of organizations from the smallest companies to the large multinationals and Government agencies.

e-Commerce Toolkit

Uniwin eCart Professional version 2.0 and up

e-Commerce Toolkit Information

Full source ASP-based shopping cart software for use with Access or SQL Server. Features friendly and intuitive administration system allowing full (yet easy) control over your store, logical order processing system, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) checkout and credit card encryption/scrubbing system, unlimited custom payment methods, unlimited categories, sub-category depth and products, varying membership based discounts (global/category and product discounts available), multicurrency/locale system, flat, weight-based and real-time UPS shipping rates, advanced tax calculation system, stock control, electronic download products, order and UPS package tracking, gift/discount vouchers, store newsletter subscription system, order, customer and product download and product CSV upload systems and thorough reporting.

Mailing Address

PO Box 1212 Camberwell Vic,

Phone Number

+613 9427 9233

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