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A Free CMS (Content Management System) for website owners / Developers. The software is split into two sides, since the software is a CMS there is a Admin Control Panel (Used by the Admin to control the website) and then there is the front end (Which is the website).

Some of the CMS Software features include:

  • Unordered List ItemCreate administrators and set their abilities.
  • Unordered List ItemControl how the comments display and on what pages.
  • Install Plugins straight into the software from the Store.
  • Users can login with Facebook (Plugin download required).
  • Add Custom URLs to use anywhere and generate a 'Magic Code'.
  • Create endless pages.
  • Develop your own CUSTOM_PLUGINS.
  • All weights (kg, lb, st etc…) have been built into the Software.
  • Place content anywhere and on any page.
  • Create Menus and put them anywhere withn seconds.
  • Create Web Forms and put them anywhere within seconds.
  • Optimise your Website for search engines (Control your SEO settings).

More listed on their website.

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