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P.I.M.S. (Professional Inventory Management System) is the most advanced Inventory/Sales management system with POS and Accounting which allows a company of any size to manipulate different Inventories (both Finished Goods and Components) to the fullest extent possible. P.I.M.S. allows Users to have unlimited searching, sorting, reporting and updating capabilities. With over 10,000 functions available, P.I.M.S. meets or exceeds the needs of most any business. Whether your business is simple Point-Of-Sale (POS) Retail, Mail Order, Manufacturing, Aerospace, University, or even a Service Provider that has no Inventory what-so-ever, P.I.M.S. has the functionality you need to operate your business in an efficient and comprehensive manner.

Mailing Address

ExexUtron Development Corporation

Santa Rosa, Ca

Phone Number

  • Phone: (800) 620-7050 x4
  • Sales: (800) 620-7050 x1
  • Support: (800) 620-7050 x2
  • Fax: (800) 620-7050

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