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The Floral POS

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Easy order entry - Choose from Walk In, Delivery, Pickup or Wire

One Screen - All your order information can be collected on ONE SCREEN. No more flipping back and forth between screens.

Easy Shopping cart - Add / Remove items with a click of a mouse, that simple. Looking for an item? Type in the name and it will search for it item right in your order screen.

Customer Picker - Type in a customers name and hit enter. If they are in the system already it will show you their name. If they are not you can set them up with an account.

Recipient Tools - Recipient Favorites, Insert Customer as Recipient, Clear Recipient Info, Shop Frequent Locations and Add Shop Frequent Location.

Print From Main Screen - Print a receipt, work ticket or combined work ticket right from the main screen. Email Receipt - If a customer wants you to email them a receipt, now you can.

Split Pay on Two Credit cards - You can now split the payment between two credit cards. How cool is that. Trash Bin - Have you ever deleted an order by accident? Has an employee deleted an order with out you knowing? The Floral POS has a Trash Bin, you can look at all the orders that have been deleted. At that point you can restore the order, delete it forever or copy it, up to you..

Copy Order - Have you ever wanted to copy an order? With the TFPOS you can! Just open the order you want to copy, click copy. That's it…

Standing Orders - We have created a “Windows Service” that monitors your standing orders. You can create a standing order from scratch or use an existing order to create one.

Delivery Manager - Create a Trip, Assign a Driver, Change the Status of the Order, View the Order, Recipient Signature, Email Delivery Confirmation, and much more in the new Delivery Manager.

100% Send / Receive capability with Floral Source.

100% Send / Receive capability with the Flowershop Network.

Florist 2 Florist - Every once in a while a florist will give an order to a Florist. We have built this into TFPOS. Enjoy.

Amazing Order Browser - This allows you to view all your orders. You don't even have to open the order. Just click on it and all the information will display on the screen. From Recipient to Items ordered, simply amazing. Barcoding - TFPOS has barcoding!! From adding a barcode to an inventory item, to scanning a barcode into an order. See it to believe it.

Credit Card Authorization over the internet - No longer are dial up modems needed, you can get your authorizations over your high speed internet line. This means that your approvals will be super fast. Compatible with all major credit card companies - We have teamed up with all the major credit card companies so that it makes your life easier when choosing a Floral POS system.

Auto Complete Shop Frequent Locations - Now you can just start typing the name of the location you want to deliver to and it will show up in a drop down list, simply amazing.

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The Floral POS, LLC

14 Morgan Street

Akron, NY 14001

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