finishProcessingPayment : Delegate method, when payment is finished processing


This method gets call once the payment is finished processing. It contains a uesoapTransactionResponse parameter that holds the processing result information. Read uesoapTransactionResponse.h for all the return description.

Code Snippet

    CreditCardPayment *ccPayment = [[CreditCardPayment alloc]init];
    //Needed to set the delegate to self in order for the callback method to work
    ccPayment.delegate = self;
    ccPayment.creditCardNumber = @"5555444433332226";
    ccPayment.creditCardExpDate = @"0916";
    ccPayment.creditCardCVV = @"123";
    ccPayment.creditCardHolderName = @"test name";
    ccPayment.creditCardAvsStreet = @"123 test street";
    ccPayment.creditCardAvsZip = @"90012";
    ccPayment.creditCardChargeAmount = @"22.50";
    [ccPayment processCCPayment];
 * This delegate method gets call when the payment is finished processing
 * It will return the processing result regarding to the transaction
 * Such ass Approved, failed, error and etc..
 * response.Result is one of the property, please go to uesoapTransactionResponse.h 
 * For a list of all the available properties
-(void)finishProcessingPayment :(uesoapTransactionResponse *)response
    NSLog(@"Credit Card Status: %@", response.Result);
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