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Soap API v1.3


Contains elements needed for line item data.


Merchants can pass information about the individual line items that make up an order. This data is visible on the transaction details page. Up to 100 lines may be stored per transaction.

All fields must be passed, but may be left blank if not applicable.


Type Name Description
string ProductRefNum Unique ID of the product
string SKU A stock-keeping unit is a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased
string ProductName Name of the product
string Description Description of product or purchase
string UnitPrice Individual price of the unit
string Qty Total number of items
boolean Taxable Taxable good flag

Places Used



 usaepay.LineItem line = new usaepay.Lineitem();
               line.SKU = "123456";
               line.ProductRefNum = "90476";	
               line.ProductName = "QuickBook"; 	
               line.Description = "test"; 	
               line.UnitPrice = "100"; 
               line.Qty = "5";
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