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-<embed ..:​contents/>​====== ​MerchantSearchResult ​======+<embed ..:​contents/>​====== ​MerchantObject ​======
-Contains ​the results of a merchant ​search.+Contains ​contact information for an active ​merchant.
 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-This object ​is returned by the [[developer:​soap:​methods:​searchMerchants]] method. It describes ​the result of the search, including the total number of merchants matched, the number being returned, and an array of MerchantObjects.+This object ​contains the contact and address information for an active merchant This should not be confused with the [[MerchantApplicationObject]] which contains ​the data on a new merchant application.
 +All fields must be passed, but may be left blank if not applicable.
 +When passing this object back using [[..:​methods:​updateMerchant]],​ the fields marked (Read Only) will be ignored (ie: merchant ID).
 ===== Properties ===== ===== Properties =====
-^Type     ​^Name    ^Description ​   +^Type    ^Name    ^Description ​    ​
-|integer |MerchantsMatched ​|Number of merchants matched by search criteria.+|integer |MerchID ​|Merchant ID (Read Only)
-|integer ​|MerchantsReturned ​|Number of merchants contained in this search result.+|string ​|Contact ​|Contact person
-|integer ​|StartIndex ​|The index where this result set begins (default is 0).+|string ​|Company ​|Company
-|integer ​|Limit |The maximum number of merchants to be returned.+|string ​|Street ​|Mailing Address Line 1
-|[[MerchantObject]] ​|Merchants ​|An array of MerchantObjects matched by search criteria.+|string ​|Street2 ​|Mailing Address Line 2
 +|string |City |City| 
 +|string |State |State| 
 +|string |Zip |Zip or Postal Code| 
 +|string |Country |Country| 
 +|string |Email |Email| 
 +|string |Fax |Fax Number| 
 +|string |Phone |Phone Number|
 ===== Places Used ===== ===== Places Used =====
-[[..:​methods:​searchMerchants]] +[[..:​methods:​getMerchant]] 
 ===== Examples ===== ===== Examples =====
 +===== Change History =====
 +^ Version ^ Change ^
 +| [[developer:​soap-1.1:​objects:​merchantobject|1.1]] | Method added prior to soap-1.1 |
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