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 |boolean |PhysicalGood |Tangible/​Shippable good. | |boolean |PhysicalGood |Tangible/​Shippable good. |
 |integer |MinQuantity |Minimum quantity allowed | |integer |MinQuantity |Minimum quantity allowed |
-|integer |MaxQuantity |Maximum quantity allowed | 
 |string |ImageURL |URL address of the product image | |string |ImageURL |URL address of the product image |
 |string |URL |URL of the product | |string |URL |URL of the product |
 |[[ProductInventory]][] |Inventory |Product inventory levels | |[[ProductInventory]][] |Inventory |Product inventory levels |
 +|string |Modified | Date/time the product was last changed |
 +|string |Created | Date/time the product was created |
 ===== Places Used ===== ===== Places Used =====
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