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-<embed ..:​contents/>​====== ​ProductSearchResult ​======+<embed ..:​contents/>​ 
 +====== ​ProductCategory ​======
-Contains results of products search.+Object describing ​product category.
 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-This object is returned by the [[..:​methods:​searchProducts]],​ [[..:​methods:​searchProductsCustom]],​ [[..:​methods:​searchProductsCount]] methods. It describes the result of the search, including the total number of products matched, the number being returned, and an array of Product Objects +This object ​represents a product category which is a container for products  Currently product categories can not be nested.
 ===== Properties ===== ===== Properties =====
-^Type    ^Name    ^Description ​    ​+^Type    ^Name    ^Description ​   
-|integer ​|ProductsMatched ​|Total number ​of transactions matched+|string ​|ProductCategoryRefNum ​|Gateway assign unique reference ​number | 
-|integer ​|ProductsReturned ​|Number ​of transactions returned in this result set+|string ​|Name |Name of product category ​
-|integer ​|StartIndex ​|The starting index used (defaults to 0)+|datetime ​|Created ​|Timestamp for when the category was created
-|integer ​|Limit |The max number transactions to return in each result set.| +|datetime ​|Modified ​|Timestamp ​for when the category was last modified|
-|[[.:​Product]] |Products |An array Products ​for the matched criteria| +
 ===== Places Used ===== ===== Places Used =====
-[[..:​methods:​searchProducts]] +  * [[..:​methods:​addProductCategory]] 
- +  * [[..:​methods:​deleteProductCategory]] 
-[[..:​methods:​searchProductsCustom]] +  ​* ​[[..:​methods:​getProductCategory]] 
- +  * [[..:​methods:​getProductCategories]] 
-[[..:​methods:​searchProductsCount]] +  ​* ​[[..:​methods:​updateProductCategory]]
 ===== Examples ===== ===== Examples =====
 +===== Change History =====
 +^Version ^Change ^
 +| [[developer:​soap-1.3:​objects:​productcategory|1.3]] | Object added in 1.3 release |
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