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-<embed ..:​contents/>​====== ​TransactionDetail ​====== +<embed ..:​contents/>​====== ​SystemInfo ​======
- +
-Contains transaction specific data.+
 +Contains API version, environment,​ data-center,​ time.
 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-This object ​is used with several transaction methods and contains ​important transaction specific data such as invoice numberoriginating terminaltotal amount of transaction,​ portions of total alloted for tip, tax and shipping, and currency code.+This object contains ​the API versionenvironment (production/​sandbox/​staging)data-center location, and a timestamp. 
 ===== Properties ===== ===== Properties =====
-^Type    ^Name     ​^Description ​    ^ +^Type    ^Name    ^Description ​    ^ 
-|string |Invoice ​|Transaction invoice number. Will be truncated to 10 characters. If this field is not provided, the system will submit ​the RefNum in its place.+|string |ApiVersion ​|Version of the API
-|string |PONum |Purchase Order Number for commercial card transactions - 25 characters.| +|string |Environment ​|ProductionSandboxor Staging
-|string |OrderID |Transaction order ID. This field should be used to assign a unique order id to the transaction. The order ID can support 64 characters.| +|string |Datacenter ​|Location of the data-center
-|string |Clerk |Sales Clerk. Optional value indicating the clerk/​person processing transactionfor reporting purposes.| +|string |Time |Timstamp|
-|string |Terminal |Terminal Name. Optional value indicating the terminal used to process transactionfor reporting purposes.+
-|string |Table |Restaurant Table Number. Optional value indicating ​the restaurant table, for reporting purposes+
-|string |Description ​|Transaction description.| +
-|string |Comments |Comments. ​ Free form text.| +
-|double |Amount |Total billing amount. (Subtotal+Tax+Tip+Shipping-Discount=Amount.)| +
-|integer |Currency |Currency Code. 3 digit currency code of total amount.| +
-|double |Tax |Portion of total amount that is tax.| +
-|double |Tip |Portion of total amount that is tip.| +
-|boolean |NonTax |Determines whether a transaction is non-taxable.| +
-|double |Shipping |Portion of total amount that is shipping charges.| +
-|double |Discount |Amount of discount.| +
-|double |Subtotal |The amount of the transaction before tax, tip, shipping and discount have been applied.|+
 ===== Places Used ===== ===== Places Used =====
-[[..:​methods:​runQuickSale]]+  * [[..:​methods:​getSystemInfo]]
-[[..:​methods:​runCustomerTransaction]] ​ 
 ===== Examples ===== ===== Examples =====
-===== Change Log ===== 
-^Version ^Change ^ 
-|1.1 | Added comments parameter. ​ | 
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