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Soap API v1.2


Contains information on an uploaded batch.


This object contains details on an uploaded batch and describes the status of a batch of transactions that has been uploaded for authorization.


Type Name Description
Integer BatchNum Upload batch number (assigned by the gateway).
String Status Current status of the upload batch.
String Started Date and time the batch upload was initiated.
String Finished Date and time the batch upload was completed.
Integer Transactions Total number of transactions in the upload batch.
Integer Remaining Number transactions remaining to be run.
Integer Approved Number of transactions that have been approved.
Integer Declined Number of transactions that have been declined.
Integer Errors Number of transactions that resulted in errors.

Places Used



// for directions on how to set up the  
// WSDL link and create "$token" and "$client," 
// see:
  $BatchUploadStatus=$this->client->getBatchUploadStatus($this->token, $BatchNum); 
   echo $BatchUploadStatus->Status;


<getBatchUploadStatusReturn xsi:type="ns1:BatchUploadStatus">
<Approved xsi:type="xsd:integer">0</Approved>
<BatchNum xsi:type="xsd:integer">440</BatchNum>
<Declined xsi:type="xsd:integer">0</Declined>
<Errors xsi:type="xsd:integer">0</Errors>
<Finished xsi:type="xsd:string"></Finished>
<Remaining xsi:type="xsd:integer">102</Remaining>
<Started xsi:type="xsd:string">2008-03-19 09:55:19</Started>
<Status xsi:type="xsd:string">Paused</Status>
<Transactions xsi:type="xsd:integer">102</Transactions>
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