USAePay Merchant Console Guide

Support by Section

  • Home - Announcements and updates on changes in the merchant console.
  • vTerminal - A quick and easy form through which to complete simple transactions such as sales, credits, voids and authorizations.
  • Sale Form - A more in depth form for sales that includes room to save detailed customer and transaction information.
  • Recurring Billing - Enable customers for and manage customers already enrolled in automatic recurring billing cycles.
  • Products - Manage your product database and track sales by category, warehouse and location.
  • Check Manager - Allows merchants enabled for electronic check processing to manage and edit all of their electronic check transactions from one central location.
  • Batches - Includes managing batches, uploading batches, queued transactions and batch reports.
    • Batch Manager - Manage all of your open and closed batches including queued transactions, and uploaded batches.
    • Queued Transactions - View and manage all of your pre-authorized transactions awaiting post-authorization.
    • Upload New Batch - Help uploading a batch from your hard drive in comma or tab delimited format.
    • Upload Manager - Manage all of your uploaded batches, including emailing, printing and exporting.
  • Reports - View and print details about your merchant account, including easy-to-read visual graphs and printable detailed reports.
  • Search - Search your reports, transactions, recurring billing customers, with tailored results.
  • Settings - Manage and monitor general account settings, as well as account users, source keys and passwords.
    • General - Control and change account settings including source, batch, report and receipt settings.
    • Users - Add, edit and delete users and monitor and manage their permissions and passwords.
    • Source Keys - Add, edit and delete source keys for your account.
    • Change Password - Change your Master Merchant account password.
  • Fraud Center - Manage and monitor all of your account fraud protections for maximum security and convenience.
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