Merchant Console Credit Card Transaction Reports

There are several kinds of transactions reports available in the Reports section of your merchant console. Each of these reports may be printed, emailed or exported.

The format for these reports will be similar, varying only slightly based on the type of report you have selected. The types of reports available include the following pre-made credit card transaction reports which are divided into three categories: Errors, Declines, and Sales. You can view each of these reports ordered by Date, Source, Reason (not applicable for Sales), User or Card Type (Sales only). The following reports are included:

  • Credit Card Transaction Summary
  • Errors by Date
  • Errors by Source
  • Errors by Cardtype
  • Errors by User
  • Errors by Reason
  • Declines by Date
  • Declines by Source
  • Declines by Cardtype
  • Declines by User
  • Declines by Reason
  • Sales by Date
  • Sales by Source
  • Sales by Cardtype
  • Sales by Users

Also available are a selection of pre-made customer reports and check transaction reports.

Viewing Your Report

The default view will include the transactions from the most recent month. To view a different group of transactions, select the date range you wish to view by entering the start and end dates in the fields provided near the top left of the screen. Or simply click on the calendar icon to select each date from a pop-up calendar.

Once you have selected the dates you want, click on the View button to generate your new report. Once it has loaded you will be able to Print, Email and Export the report.

View a Summary of Your Report

To view the selected date range as a summary rather than a list, click the summary check box to the top right of your report, then click the View button to generate a summary report based on the pre-made reports you previously selected.

Emailing Your Report

To email a copy of the report to yourself, or to a colleague, click the Email button at the top of the page. A new page will load with an email form and the report included as an attachment. Filling the email addresses of the intended recipients, making sure to separate multiple email addresses with commas (e.g.,,

Then click the Send Email button to email the report, or Return to Reports to go back without sending.

Printing Your Report

To print your report, click the Print button at the top of the page. A printer-friendly version of the report will load and a printer dialog will open. Click Print to proceed, then use the back button on your browser to go back to the report section of your console.

Exporting Your Report

To export your report, select a file format (comma or tab delimited) from the drop down menu at the top of the screen and click the Export button to export your report and save it to your computer. The report will be downloaded to your hard drive where you can then open it using Microsoft Excel or another program.

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