In the Resellers section of your console you can add multiple reseller accounts or SubResellers, each with personalized settings and multiple users and merchants. Reseller accounts can then be viewed in reports and merchant lists individually or as a group with as many or as few included as suit your particular needs.

View Reseller Details

To view a resellers contact information, users, account permissions as well as any internal reseller memos posed to the account, click on the View button to the right of the reseller and you will be taken to a screen with tabs containing all of the above information. If you have permission to edit subresellers, you will be able to change the subreseller details from this screen.

Delete Reseller

To delete a reseller, click on the Delete button to the right of that reseller. A message will ask you to confirm the deletion. If you proceed, any merchants assigned to that reseller will revert to the subreseller's parent reseller.

Explore Reseller Console

To explore a subreseller's account, click on the Explore button to the right of that reseller. You will then be able to explore that subreseller's console: everything from their home page to heir pending merchant applications and reports settings.

Add Reseller

To Create a new SubReseller under your main Reseller umbrella account, click on the Add Reseller button at the bottom of the screen.

Add multiple reseller accounts with individual preferences, report settings and more.

Adding, Viewing and Editing

The following sections each appear in a separate tab when you add, view, or edit a subreseller's account information.


Reseller Settings - General

The General tab contains basic information about the subreseller including contact, alternate contact and company name, the date on which the subreseller account was activated, the subreseller's parent reseller and any additional subresellers managed by the subreseller in question.


Reseller Settings - Users

The Users tab lists all of the current users on the reseller account as well as their last login, last password change and master account status.

User Details
User username
Last Login date of user's last console login
Last PW Change last time the user changed their console password
Master denotes whether the user has master (all-access) account status
Password Change (P icon) change the user's password (can be used to reset the password if a user has misplaced or forgotten their password, or to lock a user out of the reseller console)
Edit (pencil icon) Edit the user account (see information below)
Delete (trash can icon) Delete the user's account. After clicking the delete icon you will be asked to confirm the deletion


Reseller Messages and Notes

Use the message tab to customize the sub-reseller account and keep track of important account details. In the top section, titled Reseller Console Message, you can include a message that will be visible to the subreseller when they log in to their reseller console. In the second section, titled Internal Reseller Notes, you can keep track of changes to the account, track account activity, or note special requests or circumstance relating to the reseller account.

All internal Reseller Notes will be stored in the third section of the tab in a searchable database along with Staff Notes, Account Changes, Settings Changes, and Merchant Actions.


Reseller Permissions

The Permissions tab allows you to view and edit the sub-reseller's permissions such as their ability to operate different aspects of their console.

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