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 |{{:​reseller:​console:​reseller-messages1.gif?​500|Reseller Messages and Notes}}| |{{:​reseller:​console:​reseller-messages1.gif?​500|Reseller Messages and Notes}}|
 +Use the message tab to customize the sub-reseller account and keep track of important account details. In the top section, titled Reseller Console Message, you can include a message that will be visible to the subreseller when they log in to their reseller console. In the second section, titled Internal Reseller Notes, you can keep track of changes to the account, track account activity, or note special requests or circumstance relating to the reseller account. ​
 +All internal Reseller Notes will be stored in the third section of the tab in a searchable database along with Staff Notes, Account Changes, Settings Changes, and Merchant Actions.
 ==== Permissions ==== ==== Permissions ====
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