Known Compatible POS/ERP Systems

The following is a list of POS systems registered with USA ePay. For more information about a specific POS provider, click on the link provided or call the number listed if available. We maintain a separate list of shopping carts with integration tutorials - please click here to view that list.

If you have a cart in mind, please check to make sure it is not on our list of Known Incompatible Carts.

Cart State Telephone
PaySaber CA (866)-872-3729
Retail Pro CA (800)-RETAILP
Cornerstone POS NM (505) 325-4900
HIOPOS FL (888)-295-8078
International POS NJ (866)-INTL-POS
Nodus Technologies ERP CA (909) 482-4701
DebtMaster WA (509)573-4300
Revel Systems POS WA (415) 413-0305
POSLavu NM (855)767-5288
LightSpeed Canada (866) 932-1801
Sierra National Corporation CA (619) 258-8200
The Floral POS NY (888) 865-9768
OrderDog POS TX (866) 673-3736
ExecUtron CA (800) 620-7050 x1
SniperdyneIL (618) 277-0340
Rainier WA (800) 576-7966
Aptito FL (877)-644-7597
HummingBird WI(262)290-3012
Zuza AZ(855) GET-ZUZA
Talech PA (888) 995-1998
Paidyet CA (650) 549-4357
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