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The USA ePay Gateway Wrapper is a Delphi VCL that provides an effortless way to connect your Delphi applications to the USA ePay gateway. Once installed the USA ePay tab will appear in the component palette and the TUSAepay object will be ready to use in your forms.

Download ZIP with Library and Demo

Installation Instructions

You will need the following files to install the component:

  • USAepay.bpl (The Delphi runtime/design package)
  • USAepay.dcp (Package symbol file)
  • USAepayComponent.dcu (Compiled Units)

To install the component:

  1. Open your Delphi IDE
  2. From the menu choose Component→Install Packages.
  3. A new window should open with a tab called “Packages” selected.
  4. Click the “Add” button in the center of the window.
  5. A windows open file dialog box will open. Browse to the directory where you have the above mentioned files, choose the USAepay.bpl file and click “Open”.
  6. The USA ePay Gateway Wrapper should now be at the end of the list of Design Packages. Make sure the checkbox next to it is checked and then click on the “OK” button at the bottom of the window.

The component should now be installed and ready to use. To make sure it is there, use the component palette scroll button to scroll to the USAepay tab and click on it. You should see the USA ePay icon which represents the TUSAepay object.

To run your applications you will need to have these two DLL files included in this distribution:

  • SSLeay32.dll
  • libeay32.dll

You can copy these files into the same directory as your application exe (or project) OR you can copy them into your windows/system directory to have global access to the files on that machine. Remember that when you create and distribute an application, you will need to install these DLLs on your user's machines as well.

Please Note: You must specify the usage of Indy and IndySSL with a copyright notice in your applications.

Help Files

Windows help files are also included in this distribution. The help files are in the “Help” folder and should contain the following files:

  • USAepay.cnt
  • USAepay.FTS
  • USAepay.GID (This is a hidden file so you might not see it depending on your windows file options settings.)
  • USAepay.hlp

You can refer to the help files at any time by double-clicking on the USAepay.hlp file. If you would like to have access to the help file inside the Delphi IDE, you can install it by following these steps: (You should do this only after installing the USA ePay Package)

  1. In Delphi IDE, choose Help | Customize to open OpenHelp application.
  2. Choose the Contents tab.
  3. Choose Edit | Add Files.
  4. Select your *.cnt file and click “OK”
  5. Choose the Index tab.
  6. Choose Edit | Add Files.
  7. Select *.hlp. and click “OK”
  8. Choose the Link tab.
  9. Choose Edit | Add Files.
  10. Select *.hlp. and click “OK”
  11. Choose File | Save Project to update Delphi's help file.

You should now see the USA ePay Gateway Wrapper Help Icon in the Delphi Help Menu.

Sample Project

A sample project illustrating the use of the TUSAepay object within an application is provided for you in the “Demo” folder.

Notes on the TUSAepay Object

The TUSAepay object is a wrapper that allows you to easily connect to the USA ePay gateway. You should assign the CGI variables of the object to their correct values (for more information on all the CGI variables available to the gateway refer to the gateway API at There are many variables in addition to those provided in the demo application.

The CGI variables supplied to the wrapper should be regular String (the wrapper will take care of URL encoding the variables). The sendForm function will connect to the gateway and send the URL encoded CGI variables. The function returns a string. If there are any required fields missing, the object will not send any data to the gateway (to minimize traffic load) and instead will return: !Error: missing required field!

If all the required fields are found, the sendForm function will open an SSL connection to the gateway. The result of the connection is returned as a URL encoded CGI string (refer to the above gateway API link for more details). It is the application developer's responsibility to decode the URL string returned and verify the success of the transaction.

Other Required Files

The USA ePay component uses Indy 9.0 or above (Indy is open source and you can download it at

For SSL connections it uses OpenSSL (, the required DLL files are distributed with the component. The files are:

  • libeay32.dll
  • ssleay32.dll

Both files are copyright of Intelicom (

For your applications to run you can copy these files into the same directory as your application exe OR you can copy them into your windows/system directory so that they can be used globally by any application running on that computer.

Program Developed by Mind2Web Enterprise for USA ePay.

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