How to obtain a test account for development purposes

  1. To obtain a test account on our sandbox test server please go to the following URL:
  2. This will bring you to a log in page.
  3. Please click on “sign up” and fill out the form COMPLETELY to obtain your login credentials.
  4. Leaving any fields blank will delay your account from being setup, regardless of the “required” note.
  5. Once you hit register you will be inside the developer section.
  6. Please click on “Request Test Account”
  7. Fill out the form completely and click “Request Account”
  8. You will be returned to the home section of the developer area and a message will be displayed: Request for test account sent. Once the test account request has been processed you will receive an email with a URL and login information for testing transactions. Processing time takes a few hours during regular office hours based on Pacific Standard Time. Requests on weekends may be processed with a 24 hour or more turnaround time.

Why you need a test (developer a.k.a. sandbox) account

  • If you are a developer and your client, the merchant, has not setup a live gateway account a sandbox account will allow you to develop your application without delay. The sandbox environment mimics the Merchant Console (live account) exactly so you can expect the same results when switching to the live account once it's setup. Your application will only need to swap the source key from the developer one to the live one.
  • Test Mode on our live servers is extremely limited and unfriendly in terms of developing an application. It does not generate a fake approval code other than TESTMD and it does not store a transaction record for you to look up. Further most of the result fields come back blank. This was done on purpose to keep our live server clean of test transactions and reserved for actual live transactions only. A sandbox account will generate approval codes for you, return all the variables you request as well as store a transaction record for you to report on. We keep test mode functional on the live servers because it is a legacy feature that older customers are used to.
  • The sandbox does not support encrypted swipe or EMV testing. It does support un encrypted and manual entries on the devices.

Switching over from Development to Production

When testing and development is completed switch the source key to the key generated from the live account and change the processing URL from to

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