Getting Started with usaepayMiddleware-iOS

1) Create a new xcode-project.

2) Enter a product name, (you can input any name you like, in this case, we have "usaepayMiddleware_demo".

3) If you haven't unzipped the library you downloaded, please unzip it and you will see three files.

5) Go to Build Settings, in the search field type in "other". Scroll down to "Other Linker Flags", add "-all_load" into the field as screenshot below.

6) Finally, make sure you have RBA_SDK.framework(Version: 4.0.18) and ExternalAccessory.framework added into the project.

7) Quick help on setting up the RBA_SDK.framework.

a) Make sure you change the “main.m” to “” to support C++.

b) Make sure you add the protocol “com.ingenico.easypayemv.spm-transaction” into “Supported external accessory protocols” to Info.plist.

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