Developer News

Communication between USAePay and external developers is a critical component of integration. This section includes RSS news feeds and email subscriptions for the USAePay development group, to keep developers up to date on all of the updates and new features that we add on a regular and ongoing basis. While we make every effort to maintain backwards compatibility, changes can occasionally have a negative impact on merchant software.

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Production Releases

Sandbox and Staging Releases

The above news categories are updated once new features are put into production. If you would like lead time to test new features in the sandbox or staging area we provide separate notification:

Network Operations

For notifications of any scheduled maintenance or changes to network infrastructure that may affect merchant processing:

Notification of network or system outages are now being posted to USAePay's twitter account:

All News Items

If you would like to subscribe to all news feeds at once, you may use this RSS Feed Email


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