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Card present transactions are those in which a credit card is physically present. Merchants are charged different levels of fees by the card transaction proccessors (such as Visa, MasterCard), depending on the level of fraud risk. Card present transactions, because the card is available for inspection, are considered less risky and therefore carry lower fees than online or phone transactions.

USAePay account must be retail instead of e-commerce as industry type. Names of the fields for card present transactions depend on an API you want to use, but they are similar to the following:

Card Present Transactions
cardpresent Marks transaction as a card present transaction. Should be true
magstripe Track 1, Track 2 or both Tracks read from credit card.
dukpt DUK/PT key for Pin-Debit transactions. The first 16 characters are the encrypted pin block, followed by the 6 character long Key Set Identifier (KSID). The remaining characters are the Pin Pad serial number and transaction counter.
termtype The type of terminal being used: Optons are POS (cash register), StandAlone (self service terminal), Unattended (ie gas pump), Unkown. (defaults to Unknown)
magsupport Support for mag stripe reader: yes, no, contactless or unknown (default is unknown unless magstripe has been sent)
contactless Magstripe was read via contactless swiper: yes or no (default is no)
signature Raw cardholder signature captured by pos device. (does not need to be encoded)

There are also several others USAePay solutions and 3rd Party POS systems you can use for retail.

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