Soap API v1.2


Contains information for a new merchant application.


This object contains all of the information for a new merchant application. All fields must be passed. You only need to populate platform fields required by the platform specified. If a required field is left blank, a soapfault will be thrown, non-required fields must be passed, but may be left blank.


Type Name Description
string Contact Full name of merchant contact.
string Company Name of merchant company.
string Street Street Address
string Street2 Street Address 2
string City City
string State State or Provenance
string Zip Zipcode or Postal Code
string Country Country (2 character code)
string Email Email Address
string Fax Fax Number
string Phone Phone Number
string MobilePhone Mobile Phone Number
string ResellerEmail Reseller Email Address
string AltEmail Alternate Merchant Email Address
string Url Merchant's URL
string billing_Bank Merchant's ACH Bank (for electronic check transactions)
string billing_Routing Merchant's ACH Routing (for electronic check transactions)
string billing_Account Merchant's ACH Account (for electronic check transactions)
string Platform Processing Platform (FDMS, Vital, Paymentech, Global)
string Industry Industry (Ecommerce, Retail, Restaurant)
string fdms_MerchantID FirstData Merchant ID
string fdms_TerminalID FirstData Terminal ID
string fdms_MerchNum FirstData Merchant Number
string vital_Bin Vital Bin
string vital_Agent Vital Agent
string vital_Chain Vital Chain
string vital_Sid Vital SID
string vital_Tid Vital TID
string vital_Mcc Vital MCC (Merchant Category Code)
string vital_MerchName Vital Merchant Name
string vital_MerchCity Vital Merchant City (phone number)
string vital_MerchState Vital Merchant State
string vital_CityCode Vital City Code
string paytech_Client Paymentech Client #
string paytech_MerchID Paymentech Merchant ID
string paytech_TermID Paymentech Terminal ID
string vc_MEN Vericheck MEN
string vc_MID Vericheck MID
string vc_MPA Vericheck MPA
string vc_Password Vericheck call in password

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