Soap API v1.2


This object stores information relating to specific recurring billing cycles.


It includes the frequency, amount, start and end dates of the recurring billing schedule.


Type Name Description
string Schedule Frequency of recurring billing schedule. Possible values include: disabled, daily, weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks), monthly, bi-monthly (every two months), quarterly, bi-annually (every six months), annually.
string Next Date this customer will be billed next. Must be formatted Year/Month/Day
string Expire Date this billing entry will be disabled.
integer NumLeft Number of transactions remaining in recurring billing cycle.
double Amount Amount to be billed in each transaction.
boolean Enabled Notes whether customer is currently enabled for recurring billing.

Places Used



Dim recurring As usaepay.RecurringBilling = New usaepay.RecurringBilling
        recurring.Amount = 10.0
        recurring.Enabled = True
        recurring.Next = "2010-09-01"
        recurring.NumLeft = "5"
        recurring.Schedule = "monthly"
        tran.RecurringBilling = recurring


tran.RecurringBilling = new usaepay.RecurringBilling();
            tran.RecurringBilling.Amount = "10.00";
            tran.RecurringBilling.Enabled = "yes";
            tran.RecurringBilling.Schedule = "monthly";
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