Soap API v1.4


Used to create a unique search parameter.


This object is used to create a search parameter for methods such as searchTransactions and searchCustomers.

It consists of three properties: the name of the field you are searching on, the type of comparison to make, and the value. Since each method uses a unique set of search parameters, check the documentation of each method for a list of valid field names. A complete list of all methods using this object can be found below.


Type Name Description
string Field Name of field you are searching.
string Type Type of comparison to make. Options are: gt - greater than, lt - less than, eq - equals, contains - partial match
string Value Value to search on

Places Used



Dim search(0) As usaepay.SearchParam
        search(0) = New usaepay.SearchParam()
        search(0).Field = "Created"
        search(0).Type = "Contains"
        search(0).Value = "2010-09-09"


usaepay.SearchParam[] search = new usaepay.SearchParam[2];
            search[0] = new usaepay.SearchParam();
            search[1] = new usaepay.SearchParam();
            search[0].Field = "Amount";
            search[0].Type = "eq";
            search[0].Value = "12.00";
            search[1].Field = "Created";
            search[1].Type = "gt";
            search[1].Value = "2010-08-08";

Change History

Version Change
1.1 Method added prior to soap-1.1
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