Soap API v1.6


Object describing a receipt template.


This object contains all of the data needed for adding or updating a receipt template on the gateway.


Type Name Description
integer ReceiptRefNum Gateway assigned ID of Receipt. (Ignored when adding a receipt)
string Name Name of receipt (used to identify receipt)
string Target Type of receipt output (Email or Print)
string Subject Subject line of email (Only applicable if “Target” is “Email”)
string FromEmail From email address (Only applicable if “Target” is “Email”)
string ContentType Content types supported by receipt (HTML, Text or Both)
string TemplateHTML HTML version of template (Base-64 Encoded)
string TemplateText Text version of template (Base-64 Encoded)

Places Used



Dim receipt As usaepay.Receipt = New usaepay.Receipt
        receipt.Name = "test receipt_VB"
        receipt.Target = "email"
        receipt.Subject = "test receipt"
        receipt.FromEmail = ""
        receipt.ContentType = "text"


usaepay.Receipt receipt = new usaepay.Receipt();
            receipt.Name = "test receipt";
            receipt.Target = "email";
            receipt.Subject = "test receipt";
            receipt.FromEmail = "";
            receipt.ContentType = "text";
            string message = "Yippy Skippy";
            byte[] toencodeAsBytes = System.Text.ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes(message);
            string returnValue = System.Convert.ToBase64String(toencodeAsBytes);
            receipt.TemplateText = returnValue;

Change History

Version Change
1.3 Object added in 1.3 release
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