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Defines the properties of the hash used to validate a source key.


This object defines the properties of the hash used to validate a source key. This object is only required on source keys that have a pin assigned.

Pins are not meant to be stored by the application. Instead the application should prompt the end user for the pin. The pin may be cached temporarily, but should not be stored permanently unless appropriate security measures such as strong encryption are taken.

Please note that access to certain methods will require a pin. These features are restricted to sources with a pin to minimize the impact of a merchant's source key being stolen.


Type Name Description
string Type Hashing Function Used: Currently only “md5” and “sha1” are supported.
string Seed The data used to seed the hash: This value must be unique and cannot be reused. The system will reject the request if a Seed is reused. The reason for this is to minimize the damage if a HashValue is stolen. An intruder may manage to obtain a SourceKey and a HashValue, but will not be able to use the source key since the HashValue is based on a seed that cannot be reused.
string HashValue Hash string: The resulting hash. The hash is calculated by concatenating the SourceKey, the Seed and the Pin value. Do not place any characters in between these values. Once the values have been concatenated, calculate the hash string using the algorithm specified by Type.

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