Test Mode


Test mode is a flag that provides limited ability for a merchant to try a sale without actually running a transaction. We do not recommend that developers use this feature for in-depth testing as it does not accurately simulate a production transaction. Developers interested in testing their software in a pre-production environment should instead use the Sandbox.

Enabling Test Mode

Our different API's have different field names to flag test mode. Locate the field name in the particular API page and see what values it accepts. Typically it's a Boolean such as “yes” and “true”. For example the Transaction API test mode field is UMtestmode and it's value is true: UMtestmode=true

Gateway Behavior

The following table describes gateway behavior when test mode is enabled via the API and/or Merchant Console interface.

Value passed in API field Setting in Merchant Console Gateway Behavior
true checked Transaction processed in test mode
false checked Transaction processed in test mode
true unchecked Transaction processed in test mode
false unchecked Transaction processed in live mode

Test Credit Card Numbers

While most credit card number will return an approval in testmode, there are special card numbers that will force predefined responses. See the Test Cards table for further details.

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