Add New Merchant

The Add New Merchants section of your Reseller Console provides a complete application form for you to add a new merchant to your system. To complete a new merchant application, fill in the following information:

Reseller Contact Information

The information in this section will specify which reseller is responsible for the merchant account and the reseller email address to which all of the merchant's emails will be directed.

Reseller Contact Information
Company in most cases this space will be pre-filled with the name of your reseller company
Contact in most cases this space will be pre-filled with your reseller contact person's name
Email in most cases this field will be pre-filled with your reseller email, but you may edit it on a per-merchant basis if desired

Merchant Contact Information

The merchant contact information section of the application should include all of the merchant's essential contact information.

Merchant Contact Information
Contact the name of the contact person at the merchant company
Company name of merchant company
Street merchant street address
Street 2 further street information (optional)
City merchant city
State merchant state
Zip merchant zip code
Country merchant country
Email merchant email
Alternate Email additional merchant email (optional)
URL merchant ecommerce website homepage URL
Fax merchant fax telephone number
Phone merchant contact telephone number
Mobile Phone merchant contact mobile phone number

Call In Password

You may choose to create a call-in password with which merchants will be required to verify their identity when calling customer service. The call-in password is optional. If a password is entered, the merchant will be required to provide it when contacting customer service. This password is visible to customer service agents and should not be the same as the merchant's login password.

Note: This field is optional.

Merchant Billing Information

In addition to essential billing information such as bank name and routing and account numbers, this section of the application also allows you to specify which setup fees (if any) should be billed to the merchant's account. You can also enter any discounts that you have made available to the merchant and select the merchant's Gateway Package and pricing options in this section of the application. (See the table below for more details about fees, discounts and packages.)

Merchant's Billing Account Information
Bank Name name of merchant service bank
Routing Number merchant bank routing number
Account Number merchant bank account number

Fees and Discounts

All fees are established when the initial Reseller account is created. To bill the merchant for all or part of a specific fee, simply select the “Bill Merchant” button and enter the amount you would like the merchant to pay. You can charge the merchant the full amount, or a percentage of whichever fees you like. A suggested charge will appear when you click the Bill Merchant button for each of the fees, but you can change the amount to whatever you like. You can also establish a default amount to charge new merchants in the settings page of your console.

The following fees and discounts can be selected and edited in this portion of the new merchant application: Setup Fee, Discount Rate, Per 5,000 Transactions Fee*, Annual Security Fee, and Gateway Package Fee.

   Please note: We are in the process of updating the reseller console. 
   The new merchant application page currently lists a "Per Transaction Fee"; 
   this is incorrect, it should read "Per 5,000 Transactions Fee". 

*This is a bulk transaction fee only charged to high volume merchants processing over 5,000 transactions per month. For more information about transaction processing fees, please contact Reseller support at 866-872-3729 x304.

Select a Gateway Package

There are four different Gateway Packages available for merchants. For more information about gateway packages please visit Settings: Gateway Packages.


The Platinum Gateway Package includes the highest number of features: everything your new merchant could possibly need for a superior console experience. With this option the merchant has unlimited access to all available features of their merchant console including extended fraud protection, customizable reports, fully functional customer database and batch upload functionality.

The Platinum Gateway Package is also the most economical and allows you to charge the merchant a lower price while offering them the highest functionality so that they can get the most from their Merchant Console.

Gold (with Customer Database)

The Gold Gateway Package with Customer Database includes all of the basic Merchant Console functions, as well as customizable reports and full access to the customer database.

For additional fees your merchant can also select batch upload functionality and/or extended fraud protection.

Gold (with Extended Fraud Protection)

The Gold Gateway Package with Extended Fraud Protection includes all of the basic Merchant Console functions, as well as customizable reports and fully functioning extended fraud protection.

For additional fees your merchant can also select batch upload functionality and/or extended fraud protection.


As the base gateway package, Silver provides all basic Merchant Console functions and can be modified to include batch upload functionality, customer database access, customizable reports and/or extended fraud protection.

Source Key

Each source used by a merchant (such as their point of sale system, online shopping cart, mobile device, etc.) is assigned a unique “Key” by the gateway. This key is used to identify the source of each transaction when it is processed through the gateway. Each source and its corresponding key is stored in the Sources and Keys section of the Merchant Console.

You may enter the name of a source here, or you may choose to wait until the merchant application has been processed.

Each source key can have an assigned PIN, but a PIN should only be assigned to the source key if you are sure that the merchant's software can support a PIN. If you are not sure, please leave the PIN space blank.

If you choose to include a source in the new merchant application so that a key can be generated, please include an email address in the “Email Key To” space. Once the key has been generated by the gateway, the merchant will receive important information about the key via this email address.

Source Key (optional)
Key Name The name of the source to which the key will belong (i.e. POS, eCart, Mobile Device, etc.)
PIN PIN (Personal Identification Number) assigned to the key (optional) only enter if you are sure a PIN will be supported by the merchant's software
Email Key To email address to which source key should be sent upon activation of merchant account

Merchant User Account

In this section of the new merchant application you should enter a username for the merchant account as well as any email addresses to which the username should be sent upon activation. If you choose not to enter a username, one will be assigned to the merchant by a customer service agent when the application is processed.

Merchant User Account
Username select a username for your new merchant, or leave this space blank and a username will be assigned by a customer service agent
Send Instructions To merchant email address(es) to which instructions should be sent - multiple email addresses may be entered and separated by a comma (i.e.,

Credit Card Options

Select the Industry and Credit Card Processor for your new merchant. Industries include eCommerce, Mail Order, Retail (swiped), Hotel, Restaurant and Utility/Billpay.

There are several options for merchant credit card processing platforms. Your merchant must already be a registered user of one of the supported systems. Select the platform of which your new merchant is a member and enter the information required for the specified platform.

Each platform requires that you enter different merchant information in order to authorize credit card processing for your new merchant. Some options may require that you reenter your merchant's contact and billing information.





Planet Payment


Check Processing Options

If the merchant will have check processing capabilities, select the appropriate check processing option and fill in the required information. Select which (if any) electronic check processing service your merchant is a member of. Your merchant must be a member of one of these companies in order to be able to process checks electronically.


Vericheck Reports

Digital EFT


RP Solutions

Payment Portal CheckGateway

Save Merchant Application

When you have completed the new merchant application, click the save button at the bottom of the form. You will be offered the further option of ordering equipment and supplies for the new merchant account by visiting the Reseller Store, or you may begin tracking the progress of your new merchant application.

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