Reseller Store

The Reseller Store is an important feature of the console. It is through this section that you can ensure that your merchants are provided with all of the tools they need to run their business as smoothly as possible. There are two sections of the main store section, the store itself where you can purchase such value added products as the W-ePay SC30 and all of the necessary accessories.

For prices or more information, please contact your gateway sales representative.

The following items are available for purchase in your Reseller Store:

W-ePay SC30

The W-ePay SC30 is an all-in-one magnetic swipe reader and thermal printer with bluetooth and serial capabilities. The device is required when doing retail/swiped transactions through the Wireless ePay software. With every W-ePay SC30 purchase you receive 1 software license (SWActivation) and 1 roll of thermal paper.


The W-ePay Device uses thermal paper. Make sure your devices never run low by always having a 5-pack handy.

WPay Serial Cable

A Serial Cable is required when processing through a non-bluetooth supported phone. USAePay has cables for the Motorola iSeries and vSeries phones.


When using the Wireless ePay software or the ePay Charge software every mobile device or computer must have its own Software Activation Key. Without the activation key the software can not process transactions.


The USAePay Magnetic Swipe Reader is a simple USB keyboard emulated card reader which can be used with the ePay Charge software. (Please note that the W-ePay SC30 also works with the ePay Charge software.)


The Star Micronics TSP 143 (100 Series) USB Thermal Printer is a fully tested printer which works with the ePay Charge software.

Equipment Order Status

Track Order Status

To track the status of a previously placed order, click on the “View Past Orders” link on the store page. From the Equipment Order Status page you can search for a specific order and view the details of any order that has been placed, processed or shipped.

To view the details of a specific order, click the View button to the right of the order.

Order and Tracking Information

Order Information

The Order Information tab contains basic information about the order such as the date on which the order was placed, the order ID number, who placed the order and, if the order has been shipped, the tracking number and carrier.

Order Summary

Order Summary

The Order Summary tab includes information about the order such as which items were ordered and in what quantities. Here you will find each item's description as well as the SKU and additional options, if any.

Billing/Shipping Information

Billing and Shipping Detail

The Billing/Shipping Information tab contains basic information about who was billed for the order and where it is being shipped.



The Notes tab is the place to keep any additional information pertaining to the individual order. You can save a note for yourself, or one of your colleagues about any aspect of the customer's order.

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