Merchant Logins

Merchant Login Reports

This reports provides a brief summary of all of the most recent merchant logins. In an alphabetical list by company name, the report will display the company name, the username of the last person to login, the date and time of the login, the IP from which the user logged in, their browser type (ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and the OS (Operating System) that they were using.

To reorder the list by any of the other column headings, simply click on the heading you'd like to define the order of the list.

This report can

Merchant Login Fields
Merchant Name of merchant company account
Username Merchant username used on last login
Login Timestamp of most recent merchant login
IP IP address from which last login was made
Browser Type of browser used for last login (e.g. Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 3.0, etc.)
OS Type of operating system used for last login (e.g. Mac, Windows, Linux etc.)


Reporting On

You can also determine which reseller accounts to include in your report. At the top of the screen a thin banner will appear, informing you which resellers are currently being included in the merchant activity report. To add resellers to your report, select the fields you would like to include in your report in the left hand column and click the Add button in the middle. To remove resellers from your report, select them in the right hand column and click the remove button in the middle. When you are happy with your selections, click the save button at the bottom, or the cancel button to revert to the previous settings.


View Date Range

To view a selected range of transactions, simply select the start and end dates for the report from the drop down menus at the top left of the screen and click the view button.


Print Report

To print the report in the range that is displayed on the screen, click the Print button at the top of the screen. A printer-friendly version of your report will be displayed on the screen, and a printer dialogue box will open. Once you have printed your report, use the back button on your browser to return to the reports screen.


Email Report

To email the selected report to yourself, or another recipient, simply click the Email button at the top of the page. A new screen will open with an email form and the report listed below as an attachment. You will need to enter your email and the email address (or addresses) you would like the report sent to. Be sure to separate each email address in the Email To: box with commas, like this:,


Export Report

To export the selected report, you must first select the format you would like from the drop down menu near the top right of the screen. You can export the report in either tab or comma delimited format for use in programs such as Microsoft Excel. Then click the Export button and your download will begin immediately.

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