Monthly Merchant Summary

Monthly Merchant Summary

This report displays all of the merchant sign ups and cancellations within the past year broken down by month in the large bar graph on the left and the total number of merchants in the small bar graph on the upper right. Below the total merchants graph is a pie chart in which the number of new merchants is broken down by reseller.


Reporting On

You can also determine which reseller accounts to include in your report. At the top of the screen a thin banner will appear, informing you which resellers are currently being included in the merchant activity report. To add resellers to your report, select the fields you would like to include in your report in the left hand column and click the Add button in the middle. To remove resellers from your report, select them in the right hand column and click the remove button in the middle. When you are happy with your selections, click the save button at the bottom, or the cancel button to revert to the previous settings.

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