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The user settings page allows you to add and edit users on your reseller account. Each user can have their own password and individual settings and permissions ranging from Master Account (full access) to whatever limited access is appropriate.

Add User

To add a user to your account, click on the Add User button at the bottom of the screen.

Enter a username for the new user and a password. The first time the new user logs in to the system, he or she will be asked to change their password, so the initial password can be something fairly simple, although it must still conform to industry regulations regarding length (at least 8 characters) and variety (combination of numbers and letters).

Then select a start page for the user from the drop down menu. The default start page is the News/Home page, but you can select Merchant Console, Track Merchants, Add New Merchant, Settings or Templates.

Then select the functions you would like that user to have access to. Checking the Master Account box will give the user access to all features of the reseller console, including adding and editing other user accounts, adding and editing sub resellers, settings, fraud prevention modules and passwords.

You can also select only certain functions for the user such as the ability to explore Active Merchants.

Or you can set the user's permissions to include most or only a few of the Master Account functions. Simple click the functions you would like the user to be able to use and then save the new user. If necessary, you will be able to come back and change the user's permissions in the future.

Click on the image below to see all possible user settings.

Add User Settings

Edit User

By clicking the Edit button to the right of a user you will be able to change that user's username, start page and permissions. A user's password cannot be changed from this screen. To change a user's password, click on the Change Password to the right of that user's name.

Change Password

Change User's Password

To change a user's password, click on the Change Password button to the right of the user's name, then enter and confirm the new password in the space provided. You do not have to provide the user's old password in order to assign them a new one.

In accordance with Visa/Mastercard regulations, all passwords must meet the following conditions:

  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters long.
  • Passwords must include at least one letter and one number.
  • Passwords cannot be the same as any of the previous 4 passwords used.
  • Passwords must be changed at least once per 90 days.

When selecting a password remember that the strongest passwords are between 8 and 14 characters and should include a random combination of letter, numbers and symbols.

Delete User

To delete a user, simply click on the Delete button to the right of their username. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Delete User

Click Yes to delete the user and return to the User Settings screen or No return to the User Settings screen without deleting the user's account.

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